final report

The 2nd Eulasur Summer School follows the 1st one on Properties and Applications of Nanomaterials held at Bariloche in 2010. The general subject expands now to hybrids materials, multifunctional ceramics and nanomaterials, from the point of view of the theoretical simulation and experimental characterization of their properties, including optical-based methods to explore their potentialities

The purpose of the school is twofold: on one hand, to provide the students and participants first-hand knowledge of breakthrough research and cutting-edge technology in the strategic research block of hybrid materials and nanomaterials and, on the other, to strengthen the interactions between students and teachers that could pave the way for future collaborations between EU and BRAU scientific communities. The school is also aimed to provide a forum for researchers to present their own work (talks and posters) and to establish connections between researchers from all the participating entities.

Following the practice of previous meetings, an Innovation Workshop for entrepreneurs, researchers and students will be embedded in the school.

Such a challenge requires very open minds, unrestrained idea-generation, conceptualization and prototyping. Such challenge, fortunately, always end in wicked problems which requires design thinking.